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Health Insurance for the Self-Employed in Michigan

Small businesses of all types are poised to do well in the current, burgeoning Michigan economy. Many small business owners are self-employed, and many of those work alone. The self-employed individual must provide all benefits for himself and his family, as well as provide an income and business expenses. These sole-proprietor entrepreneurs know that they need quality health insurance -- their very business depends on them staying healthy. They also know that premiums are rising as health care cost increase, and that individuals often must pay more for the same health insurance benefits that employees of large businesses receive. There are affordable health insurance options available for the self-employed individual who takes the time to research the options.

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Insurance Information Resources for the Self-Employed

  • Most self-employed individuals will not need to provide workers' compensation insurance and unemployment insurance unless they also employ others.
  • Self-employed business owners can deduct 100% of their health insurance costs on their taxes.
  • The state of Michigan has several online business pages specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes learn about state licensing and registration requirements. They also have information about state laws, energy sources, funding, international trade, business incentives, and taxes.
  • The Michigan Small Business Administration offers counseling and training in their offices in Detroit. They also have a start-up kit available for the self-employed as well as other small businesses.

Once you have completed your research about what health insurance is available for yourself and your family, research the insurance agents with whom you are considering doing business. The Michigan Better Business Bureau has offices in Southfield and Grand Rapids. They also send some inquiries to Toledo, Ohio. You can also research the individual insurance carriers at the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

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